Sphinx Moth Garden, Chard

Enjoyed the 2012 Bisbee Paint Out and garden tour this weekend!

Special shout out to Heather Green at Heather Green Studios. It was her initiative that made the paint out happen. And she graciously hung my work in her gallery. Thanks, Heather!

I was very challenged to visit each garden and paint all 10 on the tour. Only a few got painted, but all got a sketch. I have to jump on adding the paint to the sketches before the memories waft away.

This one is of some amazing chard at Taylor and Lawrence’s Sphinx Moth garden in Warren, a front yard of immense vegetable plants of all sorts growing in straw bales.

Pencil sure loses a lot in scanning…goes to black and white and fades, then I have to up the contrast, etc. This sketch is a bare schematic of a colorful, exuberant plant of deep green with thick red/fade to pink stalks.

Heather Green Studios, http://www.facebook.com/heathergreenstudio

One thought on “Sphinx Moth Garden, Chard

  1. Thank YOU Terri — it really is my pleasure. I’m so impressed with all of the work you produced at the gardens (and that you made it to ALL TEN)! I look forward to seeing more of your work posted on your blog. Here are some pics from the Bisbee After 5 artwalk after the Plein Air Paint Out. Hope you enjoyed your time!

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