30 in 30 is over!

I painted 20 paintings, some nothing more than sketches, in the month! It doesn’t matter much that I didn’t do 30 because I learned SO much in getting the 20 done. And that was about 16 more than I thought I’d do. And about 16 more than I would have done.

Learned that:

  • Painting can consume me so much that I skip sleep, leave the house a little late for work, let the dishes stack up.
  • Laying down the drawing takes most of my time. I surely do like drawing more than painting. Tsk.
  • I felt progress the more I painted (duh), so why don’t I paint more, often? Takes a deadline to motivate me.
  • Having a deadline moves me past the “blank page” problem, that hesitation to undertake the next piece, because, of course, it has to be a masterpiece requiring much pondering. That next picture is less precious, less scary.
  • Letting myself have enough time to get something done each day seems like luxury.
  • Posting my work even though some seemed shoddy was a way of making the paintings “finished,” sort of like signing them, making it okay to go on to the next one. Letting them linger makes the urgency fade. Overthinking happens, too.
  • I don’t like painting from photos. In desperation for subject material, I did. It wasn’t THAT bad. May even do it again.

It was a terrific event, kind of like a 10K run for artists. A start, a middle and an end. Mucho gracias to Leslie Saeta for setting up this very cool thing that involved hundreds of artists. I could have spent 24 hours a day looking at all the great work they made and shared on Leslie’s blog, http://lesliesaeta.blogspot.com.

When I started Doodle of the Day, I went after that daily drawing goal. Getting a sketch done is the easy part. Getting it posted is the hard part for me…take a pic, download to computer, log in, upload, write caption. Not hard, just a bit of a time suck. Someday when I have one of them fancy tablet things it’ll be awesomely easy, I’m sure.

The thing with the daily doodle was that it wasn’t finite! It felt lousy when I missed a day, then it got to be two or three days, then it was, well, you know the rest. This was a great way to consider picking up the doodle of the day again.

Okay. Gotta go draw something now.