Experimental Show = special challenge!

ick ack ock smallSouthern Arizona Watercolor Guild hangs an “experimental show” each year and I submitted a piece that endeavored to integrate traditional watercolor with water-soluble graphite. The graphite enchanted me with the ability to look like litho crayon, then turn into a sort of faux sumi ink when painted over with water.  I love the dark gritty quality. Hard to finesse, though! No smearing, no erasing. Best for large works. This piece is pretty big, the size of a full sheet of watercolor paper, framed at 26 x 30, on Arches 140 pound cold pressed. I framed it so the deckle (untrimmed) edges of the paper show. The beauty of the paper needs to be honored.

Titled “Ick-Ack-Ock”, it’s another name for “Rochambeau” or “rock, paper scissors.” The three birds and the obscure trio of hand signs that result in a game or decision congealed as I was working on this. Who knows why this stuff sticks together? I liked the name because of its truly bird-like sound.