Ten Reasons to Register by May 21 for this Watercolor Class

Do you know one of the best kept secrets in Tucson?………………………

It’s the Tucson Parks & Recreation Leisure Classes: excellent instructors, great facilities and welcoming community of students!

_1st philips gateTen Reasons to Take a Summer Class: 

1. Think outside the box! 

2. Step outside of your comfort zone.

3. Meet new people – join a community of like-minded folks

4. Try that thing you’ve never thought you could do (and learn that you can do it WELL!) 

5. Engage your senses – express yourself 

6.  Learn new skills and techniques – expand your horizons

7. Enrich your soul, collaborate, inspire!

8. Practice new skills

9. Develop an appreciation and understanding of technical mastery 

10. Create – share – make a difference! 

Sign up for a class. Call Registration at 520.791.4877.

Visit www.EZeereg.com. PLEASE register to ensure the class reaches its minimum! 

Don’t wait…registration closes (classes cancelled) May 21!

Watercolor Techniques

Class code: 72867

May 29 – July 24, 2014 — Thurs 6 pm – 9 pm

Learn introductory techniques, including washes, wet on wet, dry brush and textures with salt, paper towel, plastic wrap, sponge and more! Build confidence and skills through exercises and projects with gentle critiques.

Class meets at Randolph Arts Center, 200 S. Alvernon Way

Cost per class: $108, city residents, $134 non-residents
Offered through TucsonParks and Recreation

Call 791-4877 to get your log-in ID and PIN (just once and you’ll have it forever) and then sign up